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‘Cold’ cool in the end: Sinotruk successfully delivered 100 Haworth Cold Fresh Peaks
Data:2024-04-28    Source:SINOTRUK     Pv:

Recently, ‘Peak Quality, Leading Freshness All the Way’ - Sinotruk(HAOWO) Cold Chain Delivery Ceremony was held in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. Witnessed by industry media and on-site users, 100 CSCA Haworth Cold Fresh Peak trucks were successfully delivered to Shenyang customers, injecting brand new vitality into the cold chain transport industry in the Shenyang area.

The delivery of the Sinotruk(HOWO) Cold Chain is equipped with the original Wuji S power chain, which consists of the natural gas engine exclusively customised for Sinotruk(CNHTC) by Weichai Power, the new generation S-AMT16 transmission and MCY axles, with a systematic gas saving of 15.5%, strong power, high quality and a long warranty, which ensures peace of mind for every transport.



Sinotruk(HAOWO) ‘Cold and Fresh Peak’ comprehensively focuses on the demand of cold chain transport in all scenarios, and adopts advanced cargo box insulation technology and diversified refrigeration solutions. The vehicle not only has the characteristics of high strength, light weight and corrosion resistance, but also can be equipped with independent refrigeration unit, effectively reducing the loss rate of goods, escorting the cold ‘fresh’ life.

Sinotruk(CNHTC) will continue to uphold the core value of ‘Customer Satisfaction is Our Purpose’, continuously improve product quality and service level, create an ecosystem that is highly compatible with the scenario, and provide customers with better cold chain transport solutions.

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