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  • 【SINOTRUK】Shandong Heavy Industry deploys new supply chain to activate new quality productivity


    After conducting extensive research in overseas markets such as Sweden, Germany, and Japan, as well as in China, Tan Xuguang, Party Secretary and Chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, has had more in-depth thoughts on the supply chain: "World-class companies all regard supply chain as their core competitiveness," "Global competition is about supply chain competition," and "In the new tech....

  • SINOTRUK: Southeast Asian product exports with "battle charts", fight the "transformation wars"


    On June 16-17, SINOTRUK Tan Xuguang hosted an on-site scheduling meeting for export business of Weichai Southeast Asia market in Singapore, focusing on the export situation in the first half of the year and the incremental export in the second half of the year, analyzing in-depth the new problems, contradictions, and opportunities of the export of ship power and power generation equipment pro....

  • Shanxi Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Datong Municipal Party Committee Secretary Lu Dongliang and his entourage to Sinotruk research


    Shanxi Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Datong Municipal Party Committee Secretary Lu Dongliang and his entourage to Shandong Heavy Industry and China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation (CNHTC) research, Shandong Heavy Industry Secretary of the CPC Committee, Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Manager, China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation (CNHTC), Chairman of t....

  • ‘Cold’ cool in the end: Sinotruk successfully delivered 100 Haworth Cold Fresh Peaks


    Recently, ‘Peak Quality, Leading Freshness All the Way’ - Sinotruk(HAOWO) Cold Chain Delivery Ceremony was held in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. Witnessed by industry media and on-site users, 100 CSCA Haworth Cold Fresh Peak trucks were successfully delivered to Shenyang customers, injecting brand new vitality into the cold chain transport industry in the Shenyang area. The deliv....

  • Sinotruk: Tan Xuguang presided over the global shareholders meeting of Italys Faraday Group


    On 22 April 2024 at 10:00 am Milan time, Sinotruk Tan Xuguang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Faraday Group, hosted the Faraday Global Shareholders' Meeting and answered shareholders' questions in Beijing by video, with the main venue in Milan, and the Board of Directors, the Supervisory Board members and shareholders around the globe, among others, participating in the meeting via onli....

  • Bank -enterprise cooperation complement each other to achieve high -quality development


    Shandong Heavy Industry and Zhejiang Commercial Bank signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Jinan. The Secretary of the Shandong Heavy Industry Party Committee, chairman, and general manager Tan Xuguang, deputy secretary of the party committee of Zhejiang Commercial Bank and Zhang Rongsen discussed and signed. Tan Xuguang welcomed Zhang Rongsen and his party. He said t....

  • Sinotruk: Let Chinas ERP software be strong!


    On the afternoon of March 18th, Sinotruk Tan Xuguang led the information team of various enterprises under Shandong Heavy Industries to study and exchange in Shenzhen Kingdee Software. Xu Shaochun, chairman of the board of directors of Kingdee Software, led the management team to accompany the reception. The two sides discussed the development of ERP software. At the meeting, Comrade Wang Gu....

  • We want to build high value -added products in Indonesia and win customers with brands!


    On the afternoon of March 12th, Tan Xuguang discussed and exchanged discussions with Charles Monro and Chairman of Indonesia's Morartus Group, Indonesia at the Singapore Operation Center in Shandong Heavy Industry. Opportunities for cooperation. Charles Monro said she hopes to establish a long -term stable strategic cooperative relationship with Shandong Heavy Industry. We are v....

  • Sinotruk: To create a global brand, accessories and services must be first!


    On the morning of February 15th, SinotrukTan Xuguang went to the Weichai Global Accessories Distribution Center to investigate to understand the situation of international market accessories demand, shipping on time, information support, and security of overseas asset transfer. Sinotruk Tan Xuguang said that it is necessary to pass end -to -end data and use modern tools to a....

  • Sinotruk has worshiped you the New Year, everyone has worked hard


    On February 9th, at 2:00 pm on the 30th, Sinotruk Tan Xuguang led 20,000 scientific and technological personnel and leading cadres of 8 domestic owners to scientific and technological personnel who adhered to the front line of the high -cold test, and adhered to the front line of the international market to grab orders. Overseas marketing soldiers New Year. Sinotruk Tan Xu....

  • Sinotruk: Zhang Chaochao, Secretary of the Shijiazhuang Municipal Party Committee and Tan Xuguang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group


    On the afternoon of January 4th, Zhang Chaochao, Secretary of the Shijiazhuang Municipal Party Committee, and the party committee secretary and chairman of the Shandong Heavy Industry Group, chairman of Weichai Group, and Sinotruk Tan Xuguang, chairman of China Sinotruk Group, held work talks in Shijiazhuang City. The two sides have conducted in -depth exchanges on deepening and pragmatic coop....

  • Sinotruk: Incorporate into the "Belt and Road" and cultivate the Southeast Asian market


    From January 21st to 22nd, Sinotruk Tan Xuguang met with Indonesian Minister of Transport and Economic Coordinating Minister in Jakarta. China Sinotruk Group signed a cooperation agreement with the Indonesian MNC Group and Morat Group. Meet the Ministry of Communications of Indonesia and Minister of Economic Coordination Indonesia Minister of Transportation Budi Kararia Sumadi, E....

  • Sinotruk: In the first quarter of Xian, companies in Xian have to achieve high -quality double -level growth!


    From January 10th to 11th, Sinotruk Tan Xuguang hosted a meeting of leading cadres in Shaanxi Chongqi, Fangxiang, and Handerqiao in Xi'an to listen to the reports of the implementation of the first quarter and the first quarter of the first quarter of the enterprises. Before the meeting, Tan Xuguang successively investigated the product research and development test bas....

  • Sinotruk: Lin Wu and Zhou Naixiang and their party went to


    On the morning of November 10th, the 2023 Beijing promotion event of "Goodke in Shandong Shandong" was opened at the Beijing Exhibition Hall. The high -end manufacturing products of Shandong Heavy Industry Group shocked Hall 1 "Modern Manufacturing" and the "Daland Heavy Elephant" exhibition area. Lin Wu, Secretary of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and director of the Standing Committ....

  • Sinotruk Tan Xuguang: Return to time, decide to win 2023!


    At 9 am on November 8th, Shandong Heavy Industry · Weichai Power decided to be held in Jinan. Tan Xuguang made a mobilization speech to re -compact, re -deploy, and mobilize the annual target tasks. At the same time Prepare early planning and overall arrangements. Tan Xuguang talked about how to do 2024? 1. The domestic market must accurately win the high -end brand transformation ....

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