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Sinotruk: Let Chinas ERP software be strong!
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On the afternoon of March 18th, Sinotruk Tan Xuguang led the information team of various enterprises under Shandong Heavy Industries to study and exchange in Shenzhen Kingdee Software. Xu Shaochun, chairman of the board of directors of Kingdee Software, led the management team to accompany the reception. The two sides discussed the development of ERP software.

At the meeting, Comrade Wang Guimin, general manager of Weichai Liva Smart Agriculture, reported the experience of Kingdee ERP reconstruction project.

Zhao Yanxi, executive vice president of Kingdee Software, reported on the idea of using the successful experience of the Weichairevo project and accelerating the domestic production upgrade of ERP in the high -end equipment manufacturing industry.

Xu Shaochun said

Thanks to the opportunity to give Shandong Heavy Industry, the success of the Weichai Laori Smart Agricultural ERP project is of demonstration of the digital construction of agricultural machinery enterprises in the country. Kingdee hopes to cooperate and achieve mutual achievements with Shandong Heavy Industry for a long time, and comprehensively help the digital transformation of Shandong Heavy Industries
Tan Xuguang said

Shandong Heavy Industry took the lead in promoting the localization of ERP software, supported Kingdee to move towards the world -class first -class, and realized independent and controllable Chinese ERP software.

Weichai's motivation must speed up the transformation from ERP to EBC, realize the evolution from internal management to the industrial chain ecological management, and evolve from tool application to deep business integration, and empower the high -quality transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing.

Shandong Heavy Industries will deepen strategic cooperation with Kingdee, and the two sides will jointly allocate optimal resources to comprehensively establish a completely autonomous, highly reliable, high -performance digital system.
Before the meeting, Tan Xuguang and his party visited the Shenzhen Kingdee Software Park.

Kingdee Software -related business leaders, the information management team of Shandong Heavy Industry enterprises attended the meeting.
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