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Bank -enterprise cooperation complement each other to achieve high -quality development
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Shandong Heavy Industry and Zhejiang Commercial Bank signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Jinan. The Secretary of the Shandong Heavy Industry Party Committee, chairman, and general manager Tan Xuguang, deputy secretary of the party committee of Zhejiang Commercial Bank and Zhang Rongsen discussed and signed.

Tan Xuguang welcomed Zhang Rongsen and his party. He said that Shandong Heavy Industry and Zhejiang Business Bank have maintained good cooperation over the years. We have six major business segments including power assembly, commercial vehicles, construction machinery, and agricultural equipment. The global product export business has continued to grow at a high speed for many years, and the space for financial cooperation is huge. It is hoped that the two parties will cooperate with efficient cooperation, and mutual benefit in terms of credit, supply chain finance, and international finance, and promote enterprises to high -quality development with high -quality finance.

Zhang Rongsen thanked Shandong Heavy Industry for a long time and introduced the development of Zhejiang Commercial Bank's operations. He said that Shandong's work is a giant in the domestic automobile and equipment manufacturing industry, mastering the world's leading technical resources, and has important influence worldwide. Zhejiang Commercial Bank has cooperated with Shandong Heavy Industry and many subsidiaries to have a solid foundation for cooperation. It is hoped that the two parties will further deepen cooperative relations, integrate their respective resources, and work together to share development opportunities to provide financial assistance for the high -quality development of China's manufacturing industry.

Shen Chuandong, deputy general manager of Shandong Heavy Industry, and Hou Bo, assistant to the president of Zhejiang Business Bank, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.
Zhang Rongsen and his party visited Shandong Heavy Industry Future Science and Technology Exhibition Hall, accompanied by relevant leaders such as Wang Tao and Wang Zhijian in Shandong Heavy Industries.
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